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Feedback on the RTW Toolkit
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  • New skills.  New ideas.  Workable ideas/skills.
  • Super user friendly, very applicable and easy to apply, superbly well organized, very entertaining, fun, and great paced.
  • Jason established credibility with me because he faces the same challenges that we do.  This is the first course I’ve attended where I felt this way.
  • I liked having a name to the positive practices given to enable a better communication with our clients.  This helped me understand what my clients are actually saying to me and I see where there has been missed communication between us.
  • Very interactive and the use of meaningful examples.  I also liked the connection of different concepts and ideas.
  • Logical presentation; you were easily able to expand on concepts and had real life examples.
  • Well researched.  On topic to my job and need to help me integrate the info.
  • All…it all fits together well.  Will definitely find some of the reference books in [the] library…interesting.
  • Overall flexibility and how to hear their use of language and how to use my words to motivate.
  • Goal setting – remembering the goals must be the worker’s goals.
  • The Approach was refreshing and certainly different from 10 years ago.  I really like the flexibility, reciprocity, commitment and consistency with language of Influence. 
  • Superb!  Practical hands on and applicable
  • Super!!!  Very well prepared.  Very positive and motivating and empowering! 
  • Great, great presenter.  Lots of fun, engaging and informative.  For heaven’s sake put this in VR and Case Management training programs!!!  I could have used this 12 years ago!
  • I really liked Jason’s organization and the course moved forward at a good pace.
  • Excellent workshop.  Jason practices what he preaches.  Very satisfying on many levels!!

Thank you again for the outstanding workshop.  Your workshop not only gave a wonderfully fresh look at RTW processes, but also gave me tremendous insight into the influence piece and other tools/language that can be used not only in RTW conversations, but in many HR or work-related situations. We had a session today, and it was great to share some of what I learned last week and doing so helped to reinforce that learning.

Sandy Moss, Human Resources Manager, Vancouver Community College

One of the most valuable things for me, in learning your model, is that I now have a common language that I can use to discuss cases within my work community. Until now I have often struggled with how to frame issues. You know nurses have nurse talk, etc............................. and there are so many ambiguous words in this business !  The framework you have presented us helps me focus my communication more effectively as we now share a common language, and I have found that when some of the key words are used it immediately captures everyone's attention and focuses us on developing our next steps. This is so rewarding.

Debra Connell RN BSN OHN, BC Public Service Agency

Once again, thank you so much for the very valuable 2 days in Victoria….…it was definitely the most valuable, useful and applicable training I have been on while in my role here with NIC.

Eileen Barnes, Manager, Recruitment & Disability Management, North Island College

Completely different approach to Disability Management for me.  Would recommend this workshop highly!

Carol Galloway, Associate Director, Human Resources, Vancouver Community College

I knew I was in for new learning experiences and was hopeful to walk away with a few good nuggets.  For me, I feel like I struck gold!  Your approach to disability management is logical, practical, and rewarding.  It removes the discomfort of getting into the 'medical' with someone because that is not what the process is about.  At first, it felt awkward to ask the questions we learned, and after some practice, it feels no different than other non related fact finding experiences I encounter in my job.  For our organization, the real gain is that the Return To Work Toolkit is a skill that is  transferable and easily applied.  In fact, all of my colleagues that were in our session, have incorporated the approach when dealing with our employees on sick and disability.  That is a sign of real success and a good investment of our money and time.   Thanks again.

Colleen Fostvelt, Manager, Total Compensation, Human  Resources, BCIT

I really cannot thank you enough for making the trip. The workshops were absolutely fabulous and really, exactly what I hoped they would be... inspiring, dynamic, informative but most of all, really thought provoking. The Toolkit is so completely relevant and will be so valuable for staff. I can't wait to see how applying what we learned changes how we work. I feel sure our outcomes will improve as a result!!

Kate Marshall, Director, Workplace Services, PEI Workers’ Compensation Board

I don’t think I’ve ever been so satisfied with a workshop (and I’m not easy to please).  I’ve been in courses where the instructor was irritated and rushed with questions but Jason was the exact opposite.

                                        Susannah Duvall, Claims Agent, CN Rail

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