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Post WorkShop Feedback

Below you will find feedback from people who have attended the Returning to Work Toolkit Workshop and have been readily using the tools, principles, and ideas in the 'real world'.

In practice the questions have moved a difficult PTSD client from a confused worker in limbo to a full participant in a return to work plan.  I was blown away on how easy it was to have the worker identify why return to work was important and how we could move forward collectively in a plan.  It is actually quite exciting and a very positive approach.
Really a shot in the arm for me.  Thanks again.
Case Manager

One of the most valuable things for me, in learning your model, is that I now have a common language that I can use to discuss cases within my work community. Until now I have often struggled with how to frame issues. You know nurses have nurse talk, etc............................. and there are so many ambiguous words in this business !
The framework you have presented us helps me focus my communication more effectively as we now share a common language, and I have found that when some of the key words are used it immediately captures everyone's attention and focuses us on developing our next steps. This is so rewarding.

Debra Connell RN BSN OHN, BC Public Service Agency

I wanted to say again that I really enjoyed the Return to Work Toolbox course. I think it really had some good information in it.

A good success story to tell you about:  I think at the end of the day, by asking these questions, which led to building a better rapport with the worker, it led to a great outcome and likely saved about 10 or more weeks of wage loss had a referral to an OR2 program was done.  Thanks again,
Case Manager

Dear Jason:
Successes with Strategies from RTW Toolkit:  I am using the RTW Toolkit strategies with every claim. This is a very active process and to date I have observed that I am having better outcomes with an increase in earlier offers of light duties, increase in number of GRTW's (difficult in Construction Industry), better negotiations with employers, clearer understanding of recovery outcomes with direct providers, clearer understanding of recovery process with physicians ( I actually ask all physicians, specialists what are there expected recovery/return to work outcomes for the worker i.e. and I actually ask the medical people where the worker is currently at- sometimes I use the rating scale, other times duration guidelines).  I have also had extensive feedback from the workers who thank me for the clear discussion, the support for their recovery and return to work, explanation of resources, anticipated outcomes.

Thank you for all of your direction and support with return to work.  I would certainly recommend that we have follow-up/instruction in ~ 6 months time to support the momentum of this process- keep the focus on RTW outcomes happening; also would like to see us meet with you on a Team Basis so that we can promote consensus building/team support in promoting recovery/RTW.
Thank you again.
Nurse Advisor

Just wanted to pass on what I feel is the "big picture" impact of the Toolkit.

The Toolkit training really helped me to step back and view my clients differently. It refreshed my consciousness that each of my clients is a human being with needs and motivations, and that it is crucial that I get to know those needs and motivations in order to assist each one in returning to work.  It reminded me that I'm not just adjudicating claims; I'm touching the lives of human beings, and, if I take the time to ask the important questions and really listen to the answers, I have a better chance of contributing to a recovery and return-to-work experience that actually enhances the quality of those lives.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a stats guy.  I love to see good numbers on my caseload -- short duration, durable RTW, etc.  But I've come to realize that the biggest picture is not seen in a list of summary statistics.  It's in the collage of names and faces of people that we've helped, one at a time.

Thanks for your excellent material and humble manner of delivery.
Case Manager

On a side note, we had Jason Parker here last week, Thursday/Friday and I wanted to tell you that the RTW Toolkit is one of the most valuable courses I've had the pleasure of being part of.  Our crew was engaged throughout and I believe we definitely got good value for our investment!  Thanks for putting this course together.
Client Service Manager

Just wanted to let you know what an amazing course the RTW Toolkit was. I have been using your strategies and have found them to be extremely helpful.   You have totally reframed the way I think about, talk to, and work with my clients.  Thank you so much!

Nicole Compton, Defining Function

Thanks Jason.  I think I did more GRTWs after my workshop with you than I have ever done!! 

Tanya M. Neil, Employee Relations Coordinator, British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.

I wanted to let you know that I really believe that the material you teach in your class really works.  I was quite motivated to use this information on each and every one of my clients as soon as I got back to work, however after the weekend when I returned I got busy and went back to my usual daily tasks.  Thank you for your follow up.  This was the key motivator that forced me to actually use the information I learned and ask my clients (even though I was not totally comfortable with the language).  

I am very excited to tell you about my success story.  Without going into too much detail I had a difficult client that had been on claim in the past (long duration) and was familiar with the workers' compensation system.  The new claim was not heading in a positive direction.  I thought to myself since this client was going to be a difficult client anyway why not use the material I learned from Jason.  He answered the questions and I was surprised by some of his answers (he rated himself 7 or 8 on the scaling question).

I attended the follow up one on one meeting with you and you provided me with awesome feedback.  While in the meeting, I received a voicemail message from this client stating that he got a job and would not need me anymore.  He thanked me for my help and said that he would be starting the next week. 

I was completely amazed.  He took ownership of his return to work and had a totally different attitude.  I am absolutely positive that it was due to the questions I posed to him which changed his focus from his disability to his successful return to work.  Thank you again for teaching this valuable material.  We helped someone effectively return to work WOO HOO!

Donna Burns, Case Manager, Yukon Workers’ Compensation Board

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