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Client Assessments

  • Telephonic and Home visits to assess risk or work disability and RTW potential.
  • Define barriers to return to work and develop cost effective and timely solutions.
  • Work Disability Prevention planning.
  • Targeted Risk Based Intervention recommendations.
  • To make a referral contact us here or click here.

Partnership with Referral Sources

  • We provide a ‘triage’ service for Referral Sources.  An initial discussion about the worker's situation and the options for case management.  This includes risk of potential work disability, RTW potential, and other options to assist with gathering information. 
  • Ongoing discussion with the case manager to jointly plan for work disability prevention strategies that results in successful resolution of the claim.

Specializing in complex case resolution

  • Complex Cases are complex for a reason.  They manifest themselves as Biopsychosocial-economic phenomena that result in poor outcomes and ultimately work disability.  Work Disability is a separate psychosocial condition, has a unique set of causes, associated factors, and also responds to effective treatments.  It is linked to an underlying condition, but the extent of work disability varies greatly.  It is important to note that clinical severity is NOT strongly related to work disability (Young and Murphy, 2009. Anema et al, 2009)
  •  CentriX Service Model is an integrated approach to Work Disability Prevention.  It is imperative to screen for medium and high risk claims.  Our unique approach and evidence based methodology screens for known risk factors of work disability.  By identifying the known risk factors we can then apply Targeted Risk Based Interventions.

Early Intervention

  • All early intervention is NOT equal.  It is important to note that the general consensus on early intervention (Jellema et al 2006) is to make sure a proper assessment is done to determine whether an employee is at low, medium or high risk of work disability.  Providing more intervention on low risk absence only serves to create more problems. 
  • At CentriX we take the idea of "The right intervention at the right time" seriously and ensure our approach is evidence based.  Simply just providing intervention without screening is just guessing.  Contact us for more information our how to improve your Early Intervention program.

Ergonomic Assessments

  • Ergonomic Assessments are an effective Primary Prevention Strategy (pre-injury).  Identify ergonomic shortfalls and potential ergonomic barriers to return to work.

Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA)

  • TSA's are a cost effective way to provide documentation regarding a person’s vocational potential while focusing on their abilities.
  • TSA's can provide a blue print to set the stage for vocation planning and ultimately the prevention of future work disability

Job Search Skills Program (JSSP)

  • An individualized training program designed to provide all of the necessary information, tools and skills to help an individual search for employment.
  • The worker will acquire skills in conducting an effective independent job search campaign. They will learn job search skills and strategies including resourcing employers, networking and finding jobs in the hidden job market.
  • Additional skills taught will include the importance of targeting the resume, conducting informational interviews, job interviews and interview follow-up.
  • The program will include the development of a self-marketing package - a resume, cover and thank you letter. Services will be tailored to address individual needs and can include assistance with writing business plans and pursuing self-employment.

RTW and Rehabilitation Services

  • Assess medical and rehabilitation needs.  Coordinate, facilitate, and implement rehabilitation interventions. 
  • Work closely with attending physicians and participating care providers, and provide leadership to coordinate an employee’s recovery.
  • Facilitating and coordinating employees successful return to work
  • Identify job modifications and facilitate temporary/permanent accommodations

Work Disability Prevention Services

Integrated Absence Management

  • Automated Absence Notification Systems.  One of the pillars of Preventing Work Disability is Preventing Unnecessary Delays.  We provide a cost effective and integrated (WCB, STD, LTD) absence notification system. 
  • The system is a simple - one number to call, requires almost no training for workers to access it, and overall this will drive efficiency, accessibility, and timeliness of reporting.  In addition, it will integrate with existing systems within the organization.
  • Call us for a demo.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

  • We have almost 10 years of experience facilitating focus groups with Injured Workers and Stakeholders
  • Qualitative Research (small focus groups and in-depth interviews) is an important strategic initiative in improving your work disability program.  This tells you the "Why".
  • Quantitative Research complements the Qualitative by telling "How many".
  • This is important in understanding the touchpoints of the experience your workers are having in your program and what are the important factors that drive engagement.
  • Call us for a sample report and how a Qualitative and Quantitative Research may be your next step to improving your program.

Training and Seminars

  • We are a premier training company in Work Disability Prevention and Return to Work.
  • We are regularly sought out to present at conferences and companies providing compensation to workers.
  • Our flagship 2-day training program - Motivation and Action Planning (MAPTM) - is one of a kind and has been delivered internationally to over 2000 people in the last 10 years.
  • Contact us to find out more about our training programs and how they can help your company.