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Motivation and Action Planning (MAPTM) - MAPping drives outcomes

Engagement is the next blockbuster drug.  Without worker engagement, recovery and RTW planning is very difficult. 

Creating a MAPTM with the worker engages them and provides a sense of control about the decisions and choices around their recovery and RTW.

This Motivation and Action Planning Training is the only Worker-centric training of its kind.  It provides a set of evidence based skills and strategies specific to assessing Return to Work motivation, determining risks and predictive factors of prolonged duration and work disability, and.

The Learning objectives of this course will help you:

  • Learn why managing disability is NOT the same as preventing work disability
  • Learn the 4 Pillars of a Work Disability Prevention Model
  • Understand why Worker Experience Matters
  • Discover the true determinant of RTW and how to manage it
  • Understand the forces that influence return to work outcomes
  • Apply Targeted Risk Based Interventions - All Early Intervention is NOT equal

What you will learn from our Workshop

  • Start the RTW Process on the right foot.
  • Ask the single most important question to generate commitment to return to work at the beginning of the absence.
  • Utilize the components that determine Return to Work Motivation.
  • Understand the factor that can predict workers having three times the odds of chronic disability.
  • Targeted risk based intervention
  • Utilize a strategy that engages the worker in problem solving.
  • Learn how to use your language to influence the outcome.
  • Utilize a single word that can increase compliance from 60-90%.
  • Understand the language of goals and how to use that language when goal setting with injured workers.